Stearns Financial Services Group

Triad Office
324 W. Wendover Avenue, Suite 204

Greensboro, NC. 27408

Triangle Office
1450 Raleigh Road, Suite 105

Chapel Hill, NC. 27517

Telephone: (800) 881-SFSG (7374)

Dennis Stearns

Dennis is a financial advisor and President of Stearns Financial Services Group (SFSG), a multi-award winning, fee-only wealth management firm with offices in Greensboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. SFSG has clients around the U.S. and Canada.

Dennis has been called “one of the leading scenario experts and futurists in the financial industry” by the Financial Planning Association. He has been regularly quoted in major financial publications and his firm’s research has been used by the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Kiplinger’s Finance and the Journal of Financial Planning, among others.

Dennis serves on the SFSG Investment Committee. He is Chair of strategic planning and a board member for a nano-technology research center and also serves on other non-profit and for-profit boards. A former chess expert, he played on one of the most successful Pan-American chess teams in U.S. history and still plays up to 30 people at a time to raise money for children’s charities.

In a rapidly changing, Super Trend world, it’s critical that we all “dig our well before we are thirsty”. Proactive planning and an action orientation will separate the successful from those who ask, “what just happened?”